A new location

Travelworld Parkdale Logo

DL Flier Designs. Direct Mail.

When the girls at Travelworld Parkdale decided to relocate offices, they contacted Bingo Bango to design and produce a DL Flier to be distributed via direct mail to their existing clientelle and a letter drop within the local suburbs.

Travelworld DL Front
Travelworld DL Rear

WE Still Rock!

The brief had two simple yet specific requests... they wanted the flier to be a bit of fun and also to have a personal flavour featuring themselves to connect with their audience.

Together we focussed on using an iconic Australian travel destination in Ayers Rock (Uluru) backed by the message of 'We Still Rock'. The other component in the design was to feature some bobblehead figurines of the girls which would be instantly recognisable to their existing clients but would also provide a recognisable face to new clients as they enter the agency.

So, now the girls are all setup in their brand new office space... let them help you with your next holiday.