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Split System Services

Brand Strategy & Development, Logo and Stationery Design, Fliers, Direct Mail Postcards, MS Word Templates, Website Development, SEO, Vehicle Livery and Apparel.

Bingo Bango and Split System Services came together to develop a brand and identity for a start-up venture with a rather unique offering to the Air Conditioning industry. With a focus on providing a complete solution to both residential and commercial customers, Split System Services not only install Air Conditioners and Split Systems, but they also provide regular scheduled servicing and preventative maintenance to ensure their customers air conditioning units are constantly running at their optimum level to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

Split System Services Business Cards
Split System Services DL Fliers
Split System Services Postcards
Split System Services Vehicle Livery
Split System Services Fridge Magnets
Split System Services Embroidery
Split System Services Website

Installation. maintenance. servicing.

When Bingo Bango and Split System Services came together, the brief for this project quickly evolved around the identification of what set Split System Services apart from their competitors – and that was to focus on their business offering to their clients... Installation. Maintenance. Servicing.

The logo we developed is a symbolised version of the oscillating blades in a Split System unit and the three prongs represent their business model. The gradation of light to dark blues in the icon also represent the movement of the blades as well as portray the cooling effect of an Air Conditioner.

Once the logo was complete, Bingo Bango extended the development and produced Promotional DL fliers that could be displayed in-store as well as for letter drops, and also direct-mail Postcards to send to their existing customer database to educate them about the importance of regular maintenance.

This was further enhanced through their Business Cards, the Vehicle Livery design for their service vans, Fridge Magnets to detail the next scheduled service, the Team Wear and Apparel for the service team, MS Word Templates for their Quotations and Invoices and a website that provides a concise overview of what Split System Services provides.