SInce 1977....

Noel Jones. Bingo Bango - Graphic Design

Advertising and Marketing Strategy.

Noel Jones is one of Melbourne's leading, and most respected, Real Estate Agencies - they have been since 1977.

They approached Bingo Bango to develop a series of advertising concepts to be implemented across all of their marketing streams - digital and traditional.

Our initial brief was quite rudimentary... We want to build on, leverage and enhance the Noel Jones brand in one of the most competitive markets in a friendly and approachable manner that showcases our 'Customer First' approach.

We started off by developing some concepts that focused on the corporate values that underpin the organisation and then further enhanced these by evaluating the company's current business proposition as a progressive and multi-faceted organisation whose pure focus is on their client's needs.

In all, we produced over 20 concepts that covered a range of topics: Corporate, Topical, Seasonal and Results. Each concept was then progressed to suit all media streams and to suit each permutation of size.

The results are stunning! Below is just a tiny snapshot.

Noe Jones Advertising Cover
Noel Jones Concepts
Noel Jones Full Page Ad
Noel Jones Creative Inside Spread
Noel Jones DL Fliers
Noel Jones Digital Media
Now Jonwes Advertising Concepts
Noel Jones Selling/Results Series