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Mentone Motafix contacted Bingo Bango with a fairly simple and straightforward request... we want to build a website!
And, so we did. But we also did quite a bit more...

Mentone Motafix Website - Home Page
Mentone Motafix iPhone Website
Mentone Motafix Website - Child Restraints
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Quality service for over 25 years

As a local business that's been providing mechanical and auto electrical services for over 25 years, most of Mentone Motafix's work was coming through word of mouth in the local community, and so, as a means to be able to spread their offering to a wider audience, we not only created a simple information based website suitable for both web browser and smart phone interfaces, but Bingo Bingo worked closely with the team at Mentone Motafix to enhance attracting visitors to their site with targeted SEO and... through the introduction of online Ads, they've seen their website traffic triple in under 12 months.