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Lighthouse oundation

Poster & Flier Design.

The Lighthouse Foundation provides homeless young people who come from backgrounds of long term neglect and abuse with a home, a sense of family and around the clock therapeutic care. Through their Lighthouse experience, the young people heal, learn again to relate to others and rebuild their lives.

To raise some much needed funds, the foundation often holds some amazing events, including Cocktail Nights with Keynote Speakers, as well as Footy Clinics with current AFL stars - to enrich young people's live's.

Bingo Bango was approached through our partnership with Greens List to ask if we could assist by donating time to produce some Posters & Fliers to promote their fundraisers... We've been only too happy to help!


Lighthouse Foundation Cocktail Party Flier
Lighthouse Foundation Footy Clinic Poster


Lighthouse Foundation Footy Clinic Poster