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Brand Design & Development, Logo and Stationery Design.

Emerald Veterinary Clinic, nestled in the country Victorian town of Emerald, is located in the scenic Dandenong ranges. Our brief was to develop a brand identity that encompassed the feel of the local area.

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Emerald Veterinary Clinic

The logo itself features both the domestic and native animals that the clinic serves due to it's semi-rural location. These elements are positioned in a way to represent the mountainous landscape of the region. Also, the areas in between the animal icons respresent the cascading flow of the many streams and lakes in the area.

The colour scheme used symbolises the natural flora of the area, whilst also tying together with the clinic's sister company, Elite Equine Veterinarians.

After the logo and corporate identity was finalised Bingo Bango designed and produced their stationery elements including business cards, letterheads and fridge magnets. We also created all of the logo file format variations to allow the brand to extend to other applications including signage, embroidery and MS Office templates.