A brand refreshed

Clique Lounge Bar

Brand Design & Development, Logo and Stationery Design, Website Re-skin, Menu Design, Promotional Fliers and Posters.

Bingo Bango and Clique Lounge Bar came together to refresh an existing brand when the new owners took over the venue. The brief was to enhance the current logo and give the brand a more sophisticated and upmarket look.

Clique Bar A1 Posters
Clique Bar Photos
Clique Bar Launch Party DLs
Clique Bar Catering Menus
Clique Bar Promo Fliers
Clique Bar Photos
Clique Bar Website

What's your Clique?

After fine tuning the logo design we also incorporated gold into the Corporate Identity colour scheme to enhance the previous black and white designs, as well as introducing the floral motif as a secondary design element.

The brand roll-out then needed to be applied to all of their communication pieces which included posters, A-frames boards, drink menus, direct mail fliers, promotional cards, catering packages and a re-skin of their website and facebook page.